Makói Rádióamatőr Klub - Mako Radio Amateur Club
Több mint 60 éve összeköttetésben a világgal - More than 60 years on air
H A 8 K C I
QTH: Mako CQ15 ITU28 WWloc: KN06ff Time: GMT+1
A Magyar Rádióamatőr Szövetség tagja - Member of Hungarian Radio Amateur Society
Mako centrum

The members of the Radio Amateurs Club Mako (MRK), having more than sixty years tradition, invites every radio amateurs, CB users, and everybody
who are interested in radio amateurism, together with their family members
to XXVII-th South-east Border Frontier International Radio Meeting

Date in this year: 20th of July, 2019.

The site of meeting:
The meeting place is in east Mako-„gate”, at „Baustudium” Co. Ltd.’s teaching workshop.

Beside the main road of Nr.43, which is passing through the town from Szeged to Arad, close to this main road and a railway crossing is the site of meeting. Arriving from Nr. M43 high-way and Mako bypass road, or from Nagylak (Romania), go along 100 meters after the railway crossing and the meeting place simply can be find.

Location and the GPS coordinates shown in the following map.

QTH Locator: KN06GF12dd — GPS coordinates: 46.21716N / 20.50938E
Google-base map: Makó, Aradi str. 130.

Direction to the meeting on Makó (RU730 439.125/431.525MHz C4FM/FM - CTCSS 131.8Hz) repeater or simplex frequency S21 (145.525MHz)!
Phone: +3630 4916345

Entrance fee: 500 HUF (Free of charges for ladies and kids) / Lunch: 1100 HUF

Starting at 08:00 (local time)

Beyond the traditional informal meeting and the flea market, we offer you programs as follows:

  • Lecture and presentation: „Amateur radio via Es’hail 2/QO-100 geostationary satellite."
    Lecturer: János Nagy HA8NJ electrical engineer.

  • Presentation: Home-made CNC milling machine "Application of the CNC milling machine for amateur radio constructors work" Presenter: HA8LTM Tibor.

  • MRASZ (Hungarian Radio Amateur Society) reference by a society officer, panel discussion.

12:00 – 13:30 Lunch

We recommend for the „good-tasting” chat a „good-tasting” beef stew with paprika lunch. Beside the „Flea market” a drinking bar will operate.

Waiting for everybody with pleasure to Mako
The members of Makói Rádióamatőr Klub HA8KCI

We hope to see you at the meeting this year too!
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