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A Hajdú QTC talán a legismertebb hazai rádióamatőr híradó. 1986-tól rendszeresen sugározzák, hívójele HG0DRH. Szerkesztője HG0EK Dezső.
The "HAJDÚ QTC" is a well-known regular Hungarian radio amateur newsreel program since 1986 on the air. Callsign is HG0DRH, editor HG0EK op. Dezső.
Archivum/Archives: a HamWiki szerverén és a MRASZ szerverén.
Hajdú QTC aktuális száma/Latest Issue (Hungarian)
Every week the RSGB produces a News Bulletin for Radio Amateurs and Short Wave listeners. They are read live on Sunday by a team of readers throughout the UK on HF, VHF and above. I read it in MP3 format for amateurs worldwide. This service is now some 16 years old. The text of the bulletin is available on the RSGB Site.

Part 2 UK Midlands News
From his home studio/ham shack in suburban Chicago, Hap Holly, KC9RP, produces this 10 to 15- minute weekly amateur radio program service, featuring timely interviews, occasional thought-provoking commentaries from other hams, excerpts from Hamvention Forums and other items of general interest to the ham radio community at large. Ham radio is traditionally an aural - as opposed to a visual - medium; we meet and recognize fellow hams primarily by voice, seldom seeing them in person. RAIN programming is also an aural medium, listened to by thousands of Internet users and hundreds of repeaters across the country at http://www.therainreport.com, as well as via the RAIN telephone dial-up lines. (more...)
This week's RAIN Report (English)
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